Transparancy and connection at Culture Center Blå Stället in Angered

Anna Karlström Webbjournalist

At Kulturhuset Blå Stället in Angered people of all ages, with different backgrounds and from different nationalities come together. Take part of the programs, sit down in a quiet environment to do your homework or hang out with your friends. The key words are transparency and connection and everyone should feel welcome, Patricia Martinez and Dan Greider, marketers at Blå Stället.

”We never exclude anyone, everyone is welcome here.”

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An oasis of creativity and activity

Blå Stället opened its doors in 1979 and was Sweden’s first Culture Center  in the suburbs. The house has never been as vibrant and vital as it is now and is described as a colorful center full of movement and activity.

– People both from Angered and other parts of Göteborg have really discovered Blå Stället as a new and exciting meeting place, says Dan.

The aim is to give everyone the opportunity to be involved in creating and engage in activities and programs. The program offers a great variety:

  • Visit exhibitions or show your own art at Konsthallen Blå Stället
  • Listen to concerts
  • Exercise handicrafts in various forms
  • Visit our knitting- and spinning cafés
  • Take a course in painting techniques
  • Participate in debates
  • Storytelling evenings
  • Discussions of philosophical issues
  • Yoga
  • Dance

Blå Stället also has a great amount of programs for children. Most of the activities are for free. See all the programs here.

Culture and connection in 100 languages

In Angered over 100 languages are spoken and there are people from all over the world. To make everyone feel welcome and find their place Blå Stället works with the vision of creating a meeting place where everyone can participate. Most activities do not require a lot of language skills and therefore you don´t have to speak Swedish perfectly to feel like a part of the house.
– We don´t need to bring our own culture and get judged by it. Together we can create something that is greater, a culture for all of us, says Patricia.

At the same time as borders are erased you can take part of the many experiences and traditions from around the world. At Blå Stället you can find something for everyone and everyone is welcome.

If you really want to influence Blå Stället you can join Blå Ställets Vänner – a network which meets a couple of times every season, “fikar” and discusses issues about the house and also creates activities that you wish to see or hear in the house.

You find Blå Stället at Angereds torg 13. In the center you also find Angereds Bibliotek (library), Angereds Teater (theater), Folkets Bio (cinema), Medborgarkontoret, Angereds Gymnasium (higschool) och Restaurang Kultur på burk (restaurant).

Blå Stället celebrates Göteborg’s birthday

In 2021 the municipality of Göteborg celebrates 400 years and the preparations are already going on. This year the focus is on Göteborg as a Green and Nice city. Blå Stället are planning to put up a bustling and beautiful day in Angereds Stadspark on May 14th.

– It feels naturally to invite everyone to discover the amazing nature and environment here and let everyone participate in the culture and creativity, says Patricia.

The day will be filled with activities and it will offer something for everyone. Among many other options it will be arts, games, dance, music, naturewalks and sale of local grows.

– The theme is Green and Nice city and we would like to invite all the people of Göteborg, not just people from Angered, to enjoy the amazing nature and culture in Angered, she continues.

Welcome to Angered

This season The Culture house Blå Stället especially welcomes you who has recently arrived to Göteborg. Whether you come as an audience, visitor, artist or creator – here you can break borders through music, dance, yoga, craftwork and art in a house where nothing is impossible.

Blå Ställets website is now updated for the colorful year of 2017.

Photo: Renée Timlin

A house for everyone

Blå Stället in Angered

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